So if DICE decides to release the Frostbite 3 Engine what would you guys do?


seeing the rate things are going, what if DICE gives away frostbite engine 3 for free? lol would you guys leave UE4?

No - I would not switch :slight_smile:

I am happy where I am.

What I would do? Well, if they would offer Frostbite 3 for free with not more than 5% royalty and they would offer source code and they would offer direct fast support and they would have a real nice community and they would have constant updates and a nice marketplace and they would offer grants and they would make hundreds of great tutorials and they would have a real nice documentation and of course a nice visual scripting language at least as great as blueprint, well, then I would download frostbite 3 and try it out.

The “stuff around” is at least as or even more important than the engine itself. That’s why UE4 is unbeatable.

EA pays for other engines just to see how they were made, they have no reason to enter this business.

hmm interesting, I did hear great things about frostbite 3. But then its probably because EA and DICE has like a huge team of people to actually make Battlefield 4 look that great right?

The Paracel Storm map in BF4 still amazes me to this day. I figured maybe this business is pretty profitable and they might want to enter it.

I would stick it out … Unreal Engine does everything I need it to and the community here is really great.

I would however give it a whirl … just to see how it works … but I would not jump ship. 8-}

I do not expect EA to release Frostbite to the public. They created this engine for creating their own games. If you remember some of their earlier games used Unreal Engine (Mirrors edge, Mass effect for instance). However the latest versions of these games have switched to Frostbite probably to avoid royalty payments and o get all using the same technologies so they could easily switch between projects.

is also going that route. Their earlier games used UE (Splinter cell, Rainbow Six) and now they have atleast two inhouse engines (Anvil Next and Snowdrop…adn Dunia). But I dont expect to release these engines to a third party.

When you sell an engine you also need to provide support for it.

So in the current situation, I don’t see any chance for us to get our hands on Frostbite or other in-house engines. However from what I’ve been told (a friend of mine had worked with DICE for a while) Frostbite engine prior to Version 2 was very difficult to work with especially for content creators.But with latest versions the pipeline has improved - but I don think its still not as easy as UE4.

Even if they were released publicly, I doubt they’d be worth using. Internal non-public engines like that tend to be a dog to actually use, because the users aren’t paying and don’t really have to be supported in the same fashion. Ease of use definitely suffers.

I might check them out but I probably wouldn’t bother trying to actually complete a game using them. For all the other tradeoffs you get from an engine like UE4 or Unity, they were built to be used by smaller developers and teams, which means a focus on usability that internal non-public engines just can’t match.

Won’t happen unless EA has a radical change of management, Frostbite is basically their internal engine for all their now (well, they’re trying to get it into every studio they own). It’s basically like Snowdrop for .

Hell will probably freeze over sooner than a public SDK for Frostbite. I wouldn’t make the switch anyway, based on what I’ve heard of it it’s a mix of code from about 40 different by now. Plus as developers we all know how much everybody hates EA, I wouldn’t trust them not to screw me over given their track record!

Source: Programmer with 12 years EA Experience stood behind me :wink:

What people seems to not understand it that a good engine doesn’t automatically make , good looking games. As long as you use an engine that provides most of the stuff needed for the game you’re making, you can make it look great in any modern engine. Don’t get too hung up on softwares, it’s up to you to use them right and create something good, no engines will do that for you. Just look at The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for example, it consists of mostly nature (which was very, very difficult to get right in UDK) and looks amazing, beats a lot of games made in more modern engines.

Also, I’ll eat my desk the day Frostbite becomes publicly available, it won’t happen.

Why don’t you tell us first what would you do?

Lies! If this was true why would a golfer go and pay $1000 for one golf ball? Because that golf ball automagicly makes him a super great golfer.

Won’t happen EA/DICE release their engine. At least not in the coming 10 years.
Asked from a DICE employee.

Frostbite doesn’t seem to be very stable if their recent titles are any indication (DAI and BF). I’ve had relatively little to no issue with UE4, and the community and Epic staff here are beyond fantastic. Can’t see myself leaving really. Unreal Engine for life here. =)

I would have to try it out, Curiosity would get the better of me.

Even then I wouldnt switch the engine, because there is no better community like this one and in my opinion that’s an important part for an engine :smiley:

I’m not really interested in the Frostbite engine. However if we are talking about dreams of engines I want to try it would be the Snowdrop Engine. :slight_smile:

Aren’t those engines game specific?

The real answer to your question should be: What is stopping you from finishing your game with UE4?

Definitely, a very important part.

Let me tell you what will happen, a few peoples will make some super games, while the rest of 99% will cry that the engine is to hard to use=))