So I take it that developing with ADK is now dead and pointless now that...

So I take it that developing with ADK is dead and pointless now that there is major version mismatch that will produce errors when importing in newer marketplace mesh/particle assets into the out-dated ADK?

Or am I mistaken from what I am reading, has there been corrections made by Shootergames to make it so Mod’ers can now import newer assets created and purchased from the UE4 Marketplace?

I really would love to purchase and implement a lot of the beautiful content being created on the marketplace into my ADK mods…


Direct import of assets from the marketplace that are made for newer versions of ue4 may likely fail. This is more to do with the blueprints though rather than the models/textures. Often you can look at the blueprints in a current version of ue4 and translate them for the ADK though. There are a number of mod authors that use assets purchased from the marketplace :slight_smile: