So I made the switch...

So I’m someone who was, not too long ago, a big advocate of the Cryengine. I mean I use to tout this thing like it was the holy grail of engines, buuut then Crytek released their EaaS Subscription model and I quickly did an about face. It has nothing to do with the fact that I had to pay for the engine I mean I’m paying more than double for UE4. It was the lackluster support of the engine, limited documentation and tutorials, and very little community generated work coming out from people using the SDK. It just doesn’t seem to be indie friendly. The main thing that kept me attached to Cryengine was the trakview editor as it was very straightforward and fairly powerful in what it could do. The main thing that frustrated me? The **** material editor if you can even call it an editor. It was more like “Input diffuse, normals, and spec maps. move sliders to your liking.” Very little control over what the material does.

But what broke my back was EaaS. The fact that it was basically the Free SDK with PBR(Physically Based Rendering) added in. Mind you, PBR is very cool, but without the ability to code shaders of your own and with a limited material editor it leaves much to be desired. I paid that 9.00 ONCE and was disappointed within the hour. 2 Hours later I cancelled my sub and haven’t touched the engine since. I’ve been engrossed in youtube videos getting the basics of UE4 down. I’m looking to make an awesome RPG. If anyone has any tutorials that can point me in the right direction that’d be awesome.

Epic just had the better package and it was delivered so expertly.

P.S. Crytek put the engine on steam. I mean…c’mon man!

Welcome in the UE4 community! :slight_smile:

Here you can find good tutorials:

We moved to UnrealEngine4 because CryEngine EaaS is a huge disappointment, and we couldn’t continue with it. Best decision ever! Welcome to UE Forums!

Marco :slight_smile:

Agree, it was a VERY big disappointment. I’m still astounded that crytek even went forward with it. And yes…best decision I ever made.

I just switched from Cryengine, and My reasons are almost identical. The support sucked and their arrogance really pi55ed me off! The EaaS was also the straw that broke the camels back for me too. There were things I really did like, such as being able to just drop some friendly and enemy AI grunts into a scene and the battle is on instantly. It seems you have a lot more work to do with UE4 to do that, but at least we have some decent documentation and support here to get it figured out. Importing custom characters with different body sizes than the default skeleton was a mysterious nightmare in Cryengine, apparently a piece of cake here.
I also came over to this side when I noticed how the developers here actually listen to the users and provide very frequent updates.
I’m very happy I made the switch, and I expect to see a fairly large migration from Cryengine to UE4.


i think you have to be in a company to use the cry other than that individuals its basically UE4 or even unity, just sayin xD and welcome!

The only thing that CryEngine has that would make me use it over UE4 is the support for Alembic caches. Otherwise its a horrible piece of [snip] to work with. Hands down worst user interface/experience ever. It hasn’t changed in years, and still sucks as bad as the day it was first made available.

But I’m confident given the level of talent and enthusiasm the UE community has shown so far in building new functionality, we’ll have geocache in Unreal before too long.

Chop chop!

I’ve seen nothing but impressive, creative, and original content come out of the UDK and expect the same caliber if not higher from UE4. I’ve combed youtube and the rest of the internet searching for impressive things produced with cryengine and they are few and far between.

I’ve recently uploaded a few tutorials on creating an RPG based game.Its still work in progress and i’m new to it myself.

It covers drawing health bars and such to your hud, a long with actually creating the stats system and a visual debug. I’m learning it myself, but it tends to go in stages of “How do i do this bit” and “that was easy to get a result”. Thank **** for blueprint is all i can say, other wise I wouldn’t have touched text coding, as it just bores me to ****. Plus its easy to debug and everyone can pick it up.
Here is the link to thread, check it out and add input.

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