So i just started and...

Hi all first, i was looking for good engine for writing games for ios and android, found unreal, saw that it supports smartphones, saw the showcase etc, got impressed and i subscribed.

I got one very good idea for mobile game, however i noticed that there is no or almost no info for in app purchases (not adds, but unlockable content with real money)

So, before i spend 2-3 months developing the game:

-Is there a way to add inapp purchase ?
-On iOS and Android ?

The inapp purchase will change the value of variable, no downloading content. (Something like coins, etc)


I am pretty sure there is a way to have in-app purchases for games developed with UE4. The only thing to be mindful of - if I remember correctly - is that any in-app purchase counts as a part of the profit your game makes concerning the royalties that you have to pay.

Yes that was what iv been thinking before starting, but cant find anything about it, anyone have any info anywhere

Like this? I see a whole bunch of nodes dedicated to in-app purchase, if thats what you are looking for.

Hmm that look promising, one last question, where can i find this ?

in a class blue print, type ‘in-app’ under search (see my picture above)

Cant find that, but maybe because i am still beginner, anyway glad that it exist, thanks for the help

in a class blueprint Event graph. Pick an empty area, right click, the box I shown will be visiable, type in-app.
Click any one of them, & check the tooltip. Also, try search under document the node to find more. Something along these lines.