So I heard Unity is looking for buyers...

Hi everyone!

Just food for thought here:

I heard Unity was going for sale (Click here for news story!)

I’m wondering why this has happened all of a sudden; I don’t want to start the rumour-mill but is it possible that Unreal Engine 4 with it’s price model and power pushed Unity Technologies to sell Unity or is it just something that seems was in the pipeline for a long time that I just seemed to have missed?

I’m very interested to see what the community thinks of this news!

Actually I think it becasue Unity has such a large following that it attracts interest from too many larger companies that can make tempting offers. That is how youtube came to be owned by Google. People look at Unity and say hey instead of making a competing tool for our tool set why not get that under our tent.

Being a Unity Pro user and a UE4 user my concern is will who ever buys it make the transfer transparent for the developers. I also realize that this could happen with UE4 in the distant future. I would hate for a company like Autodesk to buy Unity because they tend to neglect what they buy or kill it to keep from competing with an existing tool. If Google bought either of these I could imagine life staying the same for the developers. If apple bought Unity I would fear the PC support vanishing over time.

It’s not True. Further reading (Offcial Post by Joachim Ante):

Lets see what happens in the next few weeks with that rumor

Sandy Duncan (YoYo (Game Maker) Games) CEO, being ‘helpful’…

And thus, the plot thickens…

Interesting, it could be a good thing. Unity needs some fresh eyes imo.

I don’t think UE4 changed anything for Unity. Unity is already mainstream now.

This is very, very unlikely. 48% of Epic is owned by Tencent, for quite some time already.

It doesn’t seem to affect order of operation in anyway.

So long as they are making money anyways. :smiley: