So i have a problem with gpu sound

So while in UE4 engine my graphics card start to buzz a little, and this happens only in ue4 and if i’m looking at the sky there is near to no buzz. Also if i minimize the application the buzz stops completely.
In other games there is no buzz.



Does it do it on a basic level?

Have you check FPS?

Have you check Temperature of GPU while it is happening?

Updated to latest drivers?

Contacted Manufacturing support?

I happens every i look at ue4 level screen, if i minimize ue4 it stops. Also it happens ONLY in ue4.
Is sort of gets a bit louder if i look at screen with lots of meshes.
Temp is around 60C so i think its fine here.
My gpu is updated to latest drivers, im updating it through geforce experience.
I haven’t contacted Nvidia as this is not very loud (just slight buzz) and temps are normal.