So I deleted my imported meta human now my game is corrupted or something..?

So I imported a meta human, then dismissed all of the things that popped up telling me to enable plugins just so I could check out how cool he looked lol, then I realized it wasn’t working right and I probably should of accepted the plug ins. Deleted the folder that I imported containing meta human ( So I could reimport and get popups again ) and as its deleting my game crashes, and keeps crashing everytime I try to load it ( at like 97%~ ), maybe i could of put down an empty bugged skeletal mesh in the world or something first? I know your not suppose to delete stuff referenced already so maybe this caused a problem somewhere im the engine, but the thing is i can load a blank project no problem and I verifyed my game engines files so that means its 100% my game right? I’m really worried i wont be able to get back my game ;p

  • also I went into the content folder and then tried deleting the meta human folder, as it didn’t finish deleting before the crash, but no this did not work.
  • im on 5.1
  • I’ve tried importing meta human into different project, and enabling all the options from there then opened up my game

Dang I shouldn’t mess with my project when im tired… I reinstalled and still same thing… If anyone needs logs or anything just let me know what they are saved as and i will post them, thanks for reading all of this!

Have you ever been able to fix this problem? Or found an ‘official’ way to delete a MetaHuman from a project? I am currently at the same stage and don’t want to delete the MetaHuman wrong, as it might cause a lot of issues.