So how to make this all happen?

So I want to add text message to player with black background before he starts playing a game.
Here is the exact thing I want to know how to do:
Player runs .Exe
Player chose start new game
Black background with long text appears
Text disappear and begging video roles in (intro)
Video fade out
Player fading in to gameplay

So how to make this all happen? Do I need C++ with it? (I don’t use it for my project) Tutorial for this?
If anyone can explain it,I’ll be greatful!

You don’t need C++. There are certain ways to do it:

A- You will create an empty level with a Widget screen with the buttons for example: Start New Game, Load Saved Game, Exit.
B- Depending on the choices from the previous widget, you will destroy the 1st widget and create a New one. As you asked, if clicked Start New Game, you would load another Level
C- The level you loaded you will create a new Widget, with Black background with your text on it.
D- Now, for the text to disappear you have a choice to put a timer and at its end you can destroy the widget or you can put a button and one corner and wait for that button to be clicked, or instead of a button you can wait for any key to be pressed.
E- Once the previous step is done, you can show your video, using the Media Framework, there you have all you need, including a way to fade your video
F- Once all is done, once your video is destroyed (so you free up some resources) your game was already loaded since step C, and you will be already on it

All you need, to accomplish is to look at unreal documentation (see click on menu above where you see “Learn” topic) or google or youtube search for: UE4 widget, and UE4 media framework, and your are set. Some youtube videos from “WTF is” have a complete project with lots of things implemented where you can study. If you open the marketplace and search for the projects from Epic, you can download for free: Content Examples, where there are a lot of things done and you just select the level for each feature.

Hope it helps!