So, how to make curved meshes?

Hi guys, I’m prototyping a level and I need some pipes and some simple shapes with curves in them. However I’m having trouble figuring out what to use. BSP’s are nice with collisions, but they get all screwed up (even after I align the vertices with the grid) so I have to fill them up as a mesh (kind of a shame the mesh doesn’t have the same collider though). Anyway here what I need to do:

Make a surface with a curve cutting into it (I did it with a box and a subtractive sphere that I scaled to stretch, but that broke geometry and rebuilding didn’t solve it) and also make a simple pipe. How do I bend a cylinder? I mean, in geometry editing mode I see there’s a create button, I assumed it was for a vertex but never managed to make it work (is it only for the orthographical views?). I read through the documentation but I couldn’t find a breakdown of the geometry editing mode and how to use it. I mean there are some weird things, like cutting a brush with the spacebar o.O

Is there any way to make a spline like in Max and extrude a cylinder around it?

Any help on the matter is appreciated, I did a lot of google-ing but I can’t find the right source to read from. Thanks in advance.

Atm it’s not possible to create something curved with the BSP brushes -> but you can add more vertices and move the so that it gets a little bit curved (but you wont get a good result) :slight_smile:
So you will have to create them in your 3d program.

Nothing is curved. However you can fake it using shade as flat/smooth in varous 3d editors. I have blender and hate it. So I make everything in BSP then export it to blender and smooth the curves out then export it back to unreal.

Hi, sorry to hijack a thread here… but its on the same topic to some degree. Following that same video I can not get collisions to work on my meshes. Any ideas what it may be? Its set up the same as the video… so I do not know what could be wrong.

Which way have you used? :slight_smile:

The one from the twitch video. Though it was on youtube haha. I already solved it. I had the set’s on the wrong branch. All is working as expected now. :smiley:

can you please share video link? it will help me too