So How Is Content Creation Now? (Blender 2.71)

From what I understand, Epic is now working along with Blender FBX team and I was curious if Blender 2.71 was a stable tool to use for content making? Are there any tutorials to make workflows easier on getting assets to UE4? I love this community so much that I will be monitoring this thread all night just waiting for everyone to post amazing things regarding UE4 and Blender.

I use Blender 3D for all my Asset creation. :slight_smile: Blender 3D -> UE4 pipeline is pretty fine at present. Although it could use a few tweaks. :slight_smile:

My team and I is using blender for all our meshes and we have never got any problems with the workflow -> normally you just have to create them in blender - export it - import the mesh - import the texture - finished :slight_smile:

Here are some videos about blender -> UE4
2nd uv channel:

I’m using Blender for content creation. Exporting static meshes from Blender in FBX-format works perfectly fine for me since 2.71 and UE4.2 (use the scale: 100 setting, and make sure your origin matches the worlds origin in Blender. For more info, see this wiki page:

From what I heard there are still some issues with armatures to be solved, and FBX-import in Blender still needs some work. But Epic is now sponsoring the Blender Foundation, and they’re working together to improve the FBX-import/export, so things will only get better. See f.e. the upcoming Blender features wiki:

i think the main thing to remember when using blender with UE4 is the scale, in most cases blender artists work in the mircometer size so it’s a good idea from the start to set blender up for the right size 1cm = 1uu

I imported succesfully a character animated in FBX format with simple armature (hand made).The problem i have all movements in same track, i tried importing two movements specifying the start-end frames in importer, but it create short strange sequences not what i needed.
Is is possible split a long animation in UE4 in several animations specifying start-end frames ?

See you guys are awesome. Exactly what I wanted to hear. I think I’m going to give it a run and try out Blender. I’ve used it a long time ago and thought the UI was confusing but finally picked up on it a little bit. Any other tutorials or information you guys can throw in here would be amazing!

Here is a good beginner tutorial series: :slight_smile:

But the ones that I posted above are pretty important for game models