So how are we supposed to work in the shadowed areas and know its what we want in the dev kit??

So I was just wondering if there is any way to get light or see what you are doing in those shadowed areas in the dev kit! Do you use the lights I saw the devs use on a tutorial or what happens there as I still have a long way to go with this mountain and the whole back/dark side to do but was playing around with errosion and worked out how to make natural looking paths with the smooth terrain tool rather than using the blocky ramp tool which I haven’t worked out how to use yet! But my issue is I can’t see in these dark areas! I get its due to the way the sunlight shines in the map and the direction it is set but I am just finding it so hard to work on those areas and know that they are coming out how I want them to look. Will probably still add in some more paths to places with time but wanted to get the terrain of the mountain roughly how I wanted it to look with errosion etc! Still am yet to go over with noise in places too!

Guess my perfectionist trait is going against me right now as this one mountain is taking forever I haven’t even finished half of it yet lol!

I am a complete newbie at this with no previous experience so am learning from basically youtube videos and playing around myself.

Please help!



Joined the Discord forums too ask! Thanks to anyone who responds here too! But have a few handy recommendations to check out which is great!

Complete noob here too, so if I am misunderstanding you, I am sorry. To light up those dark area, you can hit that button called ‘LIT’ in the top of your preview screen and select from various views. I use detailed view on some things, but I sometimes have to disable ‘Light Source’ in the panel on the right to make it look decent enough to work on. You can also manually create a light source and shine it on the area as I have seen on many video’s

i used to use a directional light and just aim it where i needed it … then delete it after i was done.

Thanks to both of you! Right now as Be4st187 suggested I am switching lit on and off just to check how it looks! and thanks for the suggestion too Angrytoliet! Appreciate it :slight_smile: Though was passed onto a prepared map with water now I just have to watch the tutorails to learn how to do the landscaping and learn textures etc to create rivers and lava etc when the time comes :slight_smile: But first things first to do the landscape! Contains weather only weather I would need to learn to do would be scorched earth weather for when I place that!

But a bit at a time! Landscaping first then sort out biomes etc :slight_smile: Thanks to both of you