So... for three days I've look everywhere to try and solve this: Mobile inventory system how? !

  1. Ive tried using an widget, able to create a pickup button. When pickup button is pressed, item goes into inventory on main HUD. Actor doesn’t destroy.
  2. I created a touch button with correct action if pressed but the button stays on screen and I want the pickup button to only appear when my pawn is over a item.

Please help me out if you guys can and there is really nothing on YouTube about mobile game inputs with UE4, if anyone has a great tutorial series on a wide scope of mobile development with UE4, I would love a link (free or payment I need all the help I can get)

I don’t know about mobile but isn’t that a general problem?

You need some system to show and hide the button.

How do you decide in game logic that the player can pick something up?

If you have nothing in that direction yet,
here are some ideas for it: