So empty?

Hi there,
I’m new to the Unreal Engine. I’m using Unity 3D right now and I’m looking over to Unreal :slight_smile:

Why is the Marketplace so empty in comparison to the Unity Asset Store, where you can find everything you need?

Unreal’s marketplace is a new thing , you can also find free stuff on the community forum

Oh ok, new means? How many month?

The important thing is, does it solve your problems? The idea is to curate a place where people can get hold of high-quality assets. Unity may have a bigger asset store at the moment, but the quality is a little bit eclectic. The Unreal Marketplace has gown a lot very quickly, but keeps a deliberately high bar.

If there is anything you want that they don’t sell, please post a request for it. :slight_smile:

it started in february if i remember correctly , and unreal marketplace has like anything you will need to make a game if you want to get involved and learn game development

You have to remember that the Unreal Marketplace is…

A) Void of anything free


B) Really meant as a guide; all the stuff there is meant to help you, but not create the game for you.

It was really designed to be bare bones in quantity, but packed in terms of quality assets.

~ Jason

Well said.

To be honest I’m not a really big fan of Unity Asset Store. There is indeed more content in there, but it’s hard find good assets.

Hi! I’m the Content Curator for the Marketplace. We’re less than a year old (next month is our first birthday!), so we’re still pretty new. We’re also unique in that we don’t accept everything that’s submitted because of Epic’s high quality standards. When a submission comes to us, we do an initial review of the content, send feedback as needed, then request files for hands-on QA testing if we think it’s a good candidate for the Marketplace. Unfortunately, not everyone meets Epic’s high quality standards, so that naturally cuts down on the store’s potential volume, but everything that has been published is of a high quality. We’re also constantly evaluating quality for published content and making sure everything is supported and kept up-to-date, and we reserve the right to remove content from the store that isn’t being updated or is broken. It’s a different approach, to be sure, but it’s a much more hands-on, quality-forward approach that attracts the kind of content creators that are extremely talented and also continuously support their products instead of submitting it and forgetting it. It’s what sets us apart. :slight_smile:

And what makes it so good, quality over quantity.


I checked with unity asset store and man there may be some nice things there but they are far and few in between. there is a LOT of mediocre and eh packs tbh that look like money grabs.

Unreal marketplace is mostly good except for a few items that didnt work correctly but yeah lol

Don’t forget to check the learn tab in the launcher for free high quality assets from Epic!