So did anyone ever figure out how to make DX11 work in UDK

I made a topic about this about a year ago and the conclusion was DX11 was never implemented properly, and there is no fix without altering the original source code

which means you can’t do any cool tessellation techniques which can make neat looking fire and ocean waves, etc

so did anyone ever hack together some weird fix or is UDK worthless as ever lol

edit: sorry for sounding so bitter LOL

yep, there’s still no fix.
UDK is very limited in what you can do with its internals. some things you can work around but the DX11 implementation is just too deep

what kind of things do you need tessellation for? fire and ocean waves you can do without

Thanks for the reply Chosker

Here’s what i cooked up in DX11, fire and ocean stuff

Currently they both use tessellation and a panned heightmap (same heightmap actually, just scaled to be tighter and taller for the fire lol)

Do you know any easy methods to accomplish this without tessellation? i have no animation experience, would really appreciate any sort of guidance here

It has elevated number of bugs… " if you use it " hey idk I just know I turn’t it on I even saw strange pixel designation for instance using landscape.

And other problems.

Dx 9, and Coding ( unrealscript ) though works perfectly it’s all fine then.

for fire it’s always been done with particles, even in UE4. your fire looks more like spikes anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

for the water the same thing can be done with WorldPositionOffset. the limitation is that you cannot use a texture in the WorldPositionOffset input (an absurd limitation since ShaderModel3, and UDK dropped support for ShaderModel2 long ago - we removed the limitation at work on the UE3 source and had no problems)
to get the same effect without a texture you’d use other nodes (including WorldPosition and Sine/Cosine). there’s plenty of tutorials around about ocean waves and nothing stops you from implemeting some super complex logic (the Gerstner waves stuff you find for UE4 are applicable to UDK too)

**** I already knew about those options but thanks. The ocean stuff just intimidates me (it was so easy and natural looking with tessellation)

Any ideas for how I could pull off this fire trick with a particle system?


take a look at this 1.

the sea in this video uses worldpositionofset taken directly from the foliage base material.towrds the end in the engine room you see it best.

[video]Titanic UDK - YouTube

Hey i remember you gaz youre the best poster, glad to see youre still around

thats an insanely well made titanic replica. v nice work dude

the reflection in the ocean waves looks so tiled at the start though (hardly noticable on yours but would be in mine maybe)

i really want to incorporate the classic ‘rendered clouds’ from photoshop instead of the trigonometric method

like with tessellation i use this rendered clouds heightmap, panned, to offset the Z of the tessellated verts:

I guess I’ll play around with it today, I finally have time

thanks dude.

the tiled reflection could be sorted im sure.i was showing the animated vertices for height.

yeah ive been trying to figure out how you did this but ive had no luck lol

i need to download another recent udk to see that foliage / pillar fire stuff you were talking about (its not in mine)

I use an old version,sept 2011,but it should be in later versions.

you need a full install.

Bloody hell Gaz… You’ve been busy. Got a speed clip of making that? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry,no vid.i didn’t expect to get this far in the time I was meant to be a simple model for my son(who recently became a titanic fan and expert at the grand age of 5 and a half)to drive about and sink.

I got carried away,again.

it was a fascinating topic to research and build though.captain smith was from hanley which is ten miles from where im at.about as far from the sea as it possible to get in wonder he kept crashing ships.