So, been talking to Renderpeople

Hey guys,

Been talking to “Renderpeople” here and there bugging them to use the Unreal Engine skeleton. (They do scans of people, rig them, and let you buy em or give you free ones). I don’t know if the UE4 staff has contacted them or not, but whenever we last talked yesterday, they agreed to start making their content automatically rig to the Unreal Engine skeleton which would increase traffic for them. It should be ready in the next week or so and they will let me know via FaceBook. They seem to have some talent and are growing. I expect a lot more out of them later. Show em some love for doing what Fuse is refusing to do, rig to the Unreal Engine skeleton.

Note: They do not have a character creator as far as I know. They do have base models you can easily bring into another prog like 3D Coat and add clothes to, or simply use what they have.

Just an FYI.

What they offer is to good to pass down if they come fully rigged. Do you know if they have planned/implemented facial and finger rig’s? Also, do you know if they plan to separate the eyes from the mesh? I’d be all over this for my project if those are in the works :slight_smile:

Thank you, for letting us know of their plans to rig to UES!