so a new room mate will let me use his amd gaming laptop for development ( questions inside)

  1. How easy will it be for me to use his laptop for my vault
  2. how easy and what would be required to access my projects
  3. can a win 7 and win ten do development alongside wihtout issues and say im mostly 99.9% in blueprints and need the win ten for some stuff that 7 can’t.
    if i get more questions i will ask them in htis thread as it prolly also helps other users as well , the main hting here is he has his playstation to muck about on and i can use that lap top non stop.
  1. Your Epic account is tied to your vault.
  2. Unreal projects exist on the computer. You can launch them from the uproject, sidestepping epic games launcher.
  3. I don’t know but doesn’t sound reliable. Keep with one OS.
    What are the laptop specs? That’s very important.

the desktop i have is win 7 , dual core 16gb (ddr3 667mhz ugh slow)with gt620 1gb lol
the laptop is quad core amd ryzen i ferget the gf card it has but ddr4 ram is on board and even 8 gb of that is faster then my 16gb which is a 3rd the speed( would kind be like 5GB of my ram ) the main thing here is the more cores = more threads bit for shaders , ya i know its still low spec but at least its better then the desktop and will do till i can save up when htngs are more calm on hardware
im starting to see mroe availablility but pricing is still not where it should be
ergo you can buy a 3090 in a pc for the cost of a 3090 by itself
and that kinda goes for all teh cards which means they are trying to ram a premade pc to us rather then give us ability to put them together cheaper

I think that would work but I don’t know how good it would be.

well turns out the pc was a fx 6300 with a r230 amd card at 2 gb , on win ten
the pc i have is dual core intel with gt 620 1 gb on windows 7

can install 424 , 425 BUT cant install 426 it installs , verifies then goes through the % to 100 then goes to not responding
no shader workers in background no idea
i know unreal dont read this so its mroe for rest a ya that 426 is terrible mess

funny that the 10-11 year old windows 7 running an even older gf card then the above amd box can install 426 ROFL
why would i invest more money on more expensive PC when i cant be guarnated it will work
THE ANSWER is i wont
425 is the end it seems as all the freebies they gave out last 2 years wont work without messing with stuff on 426 .
426 is rich boys 3600$ pc user whale
angry at microsfot …you bet
angry at epic riding along , you bet
angry at greedy apple you bet
angry at greedy youtube and google you bet
damn can i get more angry

is there a NON LAUNCHER install option
cause this launcher is annoying

I built my pc for less than a grand and it runs 4.26 without issue. Your tech is old. If shaders aren’t there they are probably still compiling and if not its because of your low end hardware unable to process shader models.

You can run the engine by finding the uproject file and double clicking it. That will open the editor directly.

Unreal is about high end graphics so what did you expect? Use Unity if it’s too much trouble, it’s “lighter”, no one is forcing you to use Unreal.

and amazon just refunded money on hardware i am getting cause they now say amazon wont carry and amd wont make it and its less then a few years old
this is no longer a f…in joke
im tired and frustrated and i just dont think doing this is worth the effort anymore
i wish i could get back all i did invest for when i could get hardware but i cant

thanks bitcoin jerks

no its not lol the gt620 can do cinematics quite nice if youd like an exmaple and its on a dual core
what you meant to say is higher end hardware does ■■■■ faster to point your not overly annoyed
this shows me you have little understanding what your talking about

well im using his ryzen 5 with rx 560 with only 8gb ram ( ram is weak bit ) the cpu does shaders faster but if i wanted to put a rx 560 in the fx6300 its useless as thats the cpu thats 3 logical cores and unreal only sees the logical not added 3 threads so to do that box i need new motherboard and cpu …yup again hard to get up to speed and EVERYONE is peeved at pricing during pandemic and while (self-censored) bitcoin mine this all isnt getting me anywhere

and to show you the rx 560 brand new , you cant get no more amd has stopped making them amazon has said. thats a 2017 card ffs
thus forcing us all to higher priced barely better cards …and dont give me the business , ya dont need atop end video card you doneed better cpu with more cores and higher clocks…and the 560 in the ryzen 5 works nice …be nice to get that in parts cheaper then the whole premade desktop so i can preset config everything

the proof of this was newegg selling the cheapest 3090 for 3600$ and a whole desktop with one in it for 3300

there is a concerted effort to stop people form getting parts to build
also saw that when cyberpunk 2077 said theyd support the gtx710 on win 7 with special dx12 the price for that card went form 49$ to over 500 for weeks and now sits at 90 or so
thats ten years freaking old and why are they still making them
examples more galore of prices shifting so rapidly you cant do ■■■■ and when you order somehting you expect it and hten days later get a refuind nope sorry ? what the hell amazon
i just stopped doing things until htis all sorts if it doesnt then take care everyone.