Snowy mountain terrain


I have just started to learn the Unreal 4 engine for a snowmobile game/experience for the oculus rift i am trying to make. One of the most important things for me with this is that the landscape is very realistic. I have been searching a lot for tutorials about how to make snowy mountain landscapes and found a good one on how GeoControl2 can be used to achieve such a landscape which can be imported into the Unreal editor. My problem is that even though it looks nice from a distance it is not looking that good when you are close to it. And another very important thing is that i want the snow to be more powder like, so depending on the amount of snow, the snowmobile will “sink” down a bit into the landscape. Is there anyone who has any suggestions on how this can be done or links to some tutorials about it.

Regards Markus

Take a look at the grass material in the starter content. There they blend a separate texture over the distance -> close camera = detail texture, far away = another texture :slight_smile:

It depends on how big your landscape will be (where the player can drive), because you could do it with meshes that you place at special places so that it looks like the snowmobile sinks into the snow


Sorry for the late response, i have not had so much time to work on it lately :frowning: The landscape will be really big and since i want to have that sink effect on maybe 70%, it will probably be a lot of work to make meshes for it. Do you know if it is possible to make that effect by editing the material? So for example if i have a material with a LayerBlend with different textures, the weight of that layer in a specific area of the landscape would devide how much it should sink down into the snow.

I also took a look at the grass material and at a first glance it looks a bit complex so i think i will have to learn a bit more about the basics of the materials before i digg in to that :slight_smile:

Thank you for the help.

Like fighter5347 suggestion first of all check and “learn” unreal starter content, look for “Macro Variation”.

After that take a look to this article and this