Snowfall - A Fable Fan Art

Hi everyone!

I am sharing this personal project done after finishing my scholarship in Environment Art. Took me roughly 2 months to do but having to stop from time to time because of a test sent by a studio, and some holiday time off. I actually had the idea for it for a while but couldn’t start it earlier.

I always wanted to do a snowy environment and never done a medieval city before. I also chose to pick a style from a game I love, so the Fable series was an easy choice for me.

I hope you like it!



Here’s the link to a video presentation:

And the link to the ArtStation articles: Main article:

Really nice work!

realy wery nice is a best

Thanks a lot, guys!

Wow @Flitz17 … Really nice … Loved the snowfall :slight_smile:


Beautiful! I also love this theme.

That’s just lovely! I can’t wait for winter and snow now!

now where is this released? Or are you are just showing off?

@ AnkurRastogi, lasof, ALipasand pje: Thanks a lot, guys!
@ Pinotti I’m showing one recently finished project, not really “showing off” though, just sharing it around and if anyone had feedbacks I would welcome them! :slight_smile:

Beautiful scenery. Honestly, well done ^^
The only thing i would consider to improve the scene would be that there appears to be no air. There is no wind at all. A simple, small moment of wind which causes the snowflakes to fall differently, more rapidly and to “dance” around a little might not take a long time to add, but may just give the scene a bit more of an effect. I mean, where outside has no wind for a whole minute, right?

Just my opinion, others may disagree as they think its perfect as it is. I just wanted to offer something potentially constructive :slight_smile:

@SoloVenture I do agree with you! I did consider doing that exact thing, although I’m not really familiar enough with fx to do this… That’s why my snow is pretty basic… So if you have any tips on how to do that I’ll take it! I’m not sure I will rework the video for that change as I am currently working on a new project and already pitched a couple other on my planning, but I’ll definitely look into it and implement it in the Unreal project :stuck_out_tongue:

@Flitz17 Unfortunately this area isnt mine; i’m good with concepts and the creativity side of thing but for implementation I have a team for that ^^
As it is, it probably isnt worth re-working the video, but that’s the point isnt it - to learn how to make the next one better! I hope you can find a good person to advise you in the area that unfortunately, I cannot. Good luck! :slight_smile:

thats really nice dude

Did you create the model of the houses by yourself using blender or any 3d software?

@SoloVenture Exactly! that’s the entire point of the personal/solo projects I’m doing right now :slight_smile:
@EkmDEV Thanks!
@Peter. Yup! All the assets are made on 3DSMax (except the Snowmen, I made them on Zbrush)

Awesome work! :smiley:

I like it! I’m biased though because I’m a fan of the Fable games… nice work!

This is so pretty! Great work