Snowboarding infinite runner

We set out to develop a game that was fast, fun, and simple to showcase at our Unreal Meetup in Seattle. It would be a procedurally generated infinite runner style game modeled after Naica, the crystal caves in Mexico. By utilizing the strengths among out team members, we wanted to push the limits of Unreal Engine materials, lighting, physics, and animation; while keeping the simplistic gameplay down to 3-4 buttons.

We have a lot of ideas of where to take this but suggestions/comments are always welcome. Its a mobile style game but its procedural so we can’t exactly have baked lighting. At the moment it requires a pretty beefy PC so any tips for optimization are appreciated, even if we never take it to mobile.

Quick update:

better tunnel material,
better physics that will allow for jumping,
procedural tunnel generation at runtime,
better automatic targeting system,
insanely faster algorithm for finding the closest point on the spline,
thinking of 2 player mode…

Update video

Latest update to our game:

  • Proximity detection system
  • Set character to normal of the closest geometry
  • Randomized tunnel sections
  • Tunnel sections scale about a randomly generated curve
  • Animation blends depending on how far character is from closest spot on the terrain (jumping tricks)
  • Better automatic targeting that does a ‘cone trace’ in front of character
  • Procedurally generated objects ‘stick’ to the edges of all tunnel shapes and sizes (crystals, health, flares)


some videos from week 7

material and a video for around 3 months progress

I just posted the latest images and video on Steam Greenlight: