Snow scene section of a project! Looking for critique.

Hello all, it’s about time I showed something on this section of the forum. This is the first scene of my project-- A snowy area set in eastern Europe. It is an entrance to an old abandoned mine and underground system (which I will share the progress of soon enough.)

After seeing some of Koolas work with his snowy scenes, it prompted me to share these for some critique.

The lighting is just a directional light source.
Background mountains are placeholder. The landscape may be placeholder too (I’d love some advice on good snow landscapes!)

That looks freaking awesome man. Maybe add some snow particles or fog to give it that kind of bone chilling feel.

Yeah it’s meant to be the start of a blizzard. There is actually quite a lot of particle effects there, blasts across the ground, snowflakes and blasts going across the top of the valley. Problem is they don’t seem to show up very well in screenshot, but pretty well when it’s running live! Thanks for the reply :smiley:

Looks ok though there’s a lot room for improvement. The trees also don’t look like trees to be honest and background is definitely going to change. Always a a slightly blue-ish color to cold scenes it helps to sell the cold feeling much better. :slight_smile:

Keep it up.

Thanks for the reply! :smiley:

The trees are pretty nice speedtree ones, but I see what you’re saying-- seems to be the LODs+ the movement from the wind generator make them look pretty blurry and splotchy from afar, they do look better close. I tried out adding more blue to the scene like you said, it clashed a little as the scene is set in the middle of the day. Instead I tried adding a bit of post process and some blue fog into the level, tell me what you think!

I get a sense of a pretty warm area that looks white but not snowy. Probably because the Auto Exposure is high. Try setting min and max to 2 (so no eye adaption) and also auto exposure to 2, put sun intensity to 5. From there adjust the auto exposure until you get a realistic amount of brightness into your scene. I have the same settings here plus a very small blue-ish tint and a LUT applied.