Snow Mountain


Atm i’m working on a small Portfolio Scene, while still Working on our VR Project(s).

I call it “Snow Mountain”.

I created a Base Terrain in World Machine.


After that i made some Ice and Snow Materials in ZBrush / Substance Designer. I got inspired by the one made by Jacob Norris and changed the Setup a little bit.


Next i made some Trees in Maya/ZBrush/3dsmax and baked them in Substance Painter.


I combined everything with some Particle Effects and a Custom Snow Shader for the Branches and thats all. I like it a lot.


The next step is to create 1-2 Trees and maybe some Rocks, add a Post Process Volume and call it down :D.

I hope you like it :slight_smile: .

I have some more Shots on my Artstation Page:

Greetings from Germany.

I made a little Test Sequence in the new Sequencer. Never used it before. I like it. Time to make more Trees and Bark.


Very nicely done! What is the size of your mountains you made through World Machine? Was it using the free version one of the others?