Snow Footprints with Blueprint?

Is it possible to integrate a system that allows for when a character moves (on snow) - it leaves a footprint as well as changing the floor slightly with 100 percent blueprint? :smiley:

Would it work in a similar way to this: (Uncharted 2 Snow)


Its doable.

Actually you can make use of anim notifies + decals to do this. What you need to do is fire-off an event when your character’s feet touch the ground - thats means two events( one for each foot). Within this event, you can do a trace to get the location where the touch occured and put a foot-print decal there.

Docs: Crash Course In Animation Notifies - Unreal Engine

Another way is to simply spawn a particle effect when the feet touches ground - again using anim notify. But it wont be as accurate as the first method.

Please read the docs on anim notifies. If I remember correctly there is a youtube video posted in Unreal engine channel which shows how to do this (the second method)
Here is the link: - YouTube

Thanks good tutorial …