[Snippet] Blueprint Node: Math nodes

I’ve created a new snippet for the community for a blueprint math class that exposes a couple of C++ Math functions to blueprints:

VRandCone - Returns a random vector cone based on variables passed to it - handles both uniform and non-uniform (“squashed”) cones

DegreesToRadians - Converts degrees to radians
RadiansToDegrees - Converts radians to degrees
IsNearlyEqual - Does float X nearly equal float Y ± W
IsNearlyZero - Does float X nearly equal zero ± W
IsPowerOfTwo - Is float X a power of two

I detail the use of these nodes in the snippet and also cover the use of IsNearlyEqual in eliminating Machine Epsilon (and explain what it is in the first place).

I’ve posted the full source so that non-programmers should be able to make use of this - If you have any issues feel free to comment here and I’ll help you best I can :smiley:

I really like this, thanks.