Sniping from a Window

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile!

How are you all?

So I’ve been running into this problem while I was creating a scenario for my game.

I wanted a situation where the player is standing on a roof, while the building opposite them contains a window with an enemy attempting to gun them down using a
sniper rifle.

The base gameplay would involve the player ducking for cover, while shooting at the window to get a moment to move.
Shooting the window does not result in the sniper’s death, but instead just stops the onslaught of bullets for a bit (the sniper is in cover).

What would be the easiest way to achieve this?

Should I just place a bot (i.e. the ShooterGame example enemy) in the distant building’s window and add a “cover system” to him?

When the player hit the building should there be a trigger which, when taking damage, spawn a collision mesh to block the window for a few seconds
which in turns blocks the bullets from the enemy?

Any ideas?


~ Jason

Making a cover system would probably make sense, as long as you’ll be using this more than once… and if you still wanted it to be cinematic/a set event you could add a trigger that when you shoot at him he’ll be forced to cover by the game.

Would there be a way to do it without creating an entire cover system?

This really is only for one section of the game…


~ Jason

It sounds like you need to make the cover system…
Its not to hard though, If the bullet touches the window, all you need to do is freeze the sniper.
That shouldn’t be to blueprint heavy.

Best of luck man.

I’d probably put a collision volume outside the window and when your bullet enters the collision volume trigger an animation montage to move the sniper behind cover and trigger your delay before he pops back out…


Thanks for the help everyone!

~ Jason