Sniper Breathing How To Stop Weapon Sway?

Hi, I built a scope on my weapon and would like to be able to press shift to stop the weapon sway for a few seconds. I have most of it figured out already but the part that is messing with me is the ADS Offsets. Right now I’m testing it with the “Global Anim Rate Scale” set to Zero to pause the character’s Mesh animation. All seemed to work great right away until I noticed while the main mesh animation is paused my up, center and down aim offsets don’t work while paused. Does anyone know an easy way in BP’s to enable just the aim offsets after the main mesh anims are paused?



I always seem to figure it out after I post in here lol.
What I did was make a copy of my BlendSpace and on the idle animation of the copied BS I set the speed to zero and set a Boolean to enter it and leave it.

On my sprint code I just check if I’m ADS and then make the no sway Boolean True, then that sets a timer and when that timer is done it sets my no sway Boolean to false. The last thing I will be adding is a breathing regen progress bar along with another timer that regens it etc.