Sniper 3D- The Silent Assassin Shooting Game

Experience first person sniping with an interesting story mode, made for the users to know how it feels to be a professional contract killer. Enhanced 3D experience with amazing maps, locations, latest weaponry and functions.
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Sniper 3D – The Silent Assassin is one of the best sharpshooter shooting game for Android devotees. The game is illustrated with astounding functions like aim, shoot and execute the targets out in each level to examine the user’s sharpness. The Sniper 3D shooting game is based around character named “The Asset” known for his precision of marksman shooting. The law enforcers of the city have enrolled him to complete some conspicuous contracts to help them in clearing and securing their city.
Game Features
• Diversified missions with 3D graphics.
• Perfect sniper shooting with fewer bullets will earn you bonus and points.
• Zoom in and zoom out for perfect camera view.
• Turn your rifle into customized perfect sniper machine.