Snapshot Pose saves different pose than in Ragdoll

I’m trying to recover from the ragdoll position via Blend Poses By Bool from the final resting ragdoll pose to the animation of the character getting up (following this tutorial Animation Pose Snapshot | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube). But I have a few issues that I can’t resolve:

  1. The pose saved in my Snapshot Pose is different from the final resting position of the ragdoll state. This causes the blend to jump abruptly. (I’ve tried both methods of saving poses, by name and by variable, but both resulted in a different pose being saved)

  2. There is a slight pop before the animation plays, which was said in the tutorial that adding a few frame delays (delay with 0 sec timer) would help, but I tried adding a lot more and it still popped.

Thanks for any help in advance!

Did you found a solution?