Snapping verts or pivots.?

Sorry if this was covered but I could not find any threads on it. I’m building a seen with my meshes and its a pain in the *** trying to get them put together in ue4…is there a way I can snap verts or pivot points together like I can in say modo or other programs? Trying to move things together without that takes way to much time and is annoying me…

Do I need a blueprint for this?

Hi Sirhope,

You shouldn’t need specifically a Blueprint to do this.

Have you tried enabling vertex snapping like here in the documentation: Transforming Actors in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

You can snap verts to other verts, or in this same page you and temporarily move the pivot of the mesh to make snapping more easily done.

I hope this helps.


LOL I think this is what I needed and could not find lol wow…thank you Tim :slight_smile:

ummm V don’t work. I’m having to enable and disable vertex snapping under settings everytime I place another item…there has to be a faster way…setting the pivot and then doing all that is taking ages…is there any other way to do this? when vertex snapping is enabled you cant copy and paste and move items…

I’m not sure what to say, because when I hold V and drag the placement gizmo I’m able to snap it to a vertex of another mesh. This is without enabling the vertex snapping through the menu.

The only thing that had to be changed back to it original method that I’m aware of is the MMB to move the pivot, but that has been reverted to the old method for 4.11 to use V+MMB to snap move the pivot.

The only alternative I can think of to do something in the editor would be to create a Blueprint with the asset. This way the BP is the pivot and where ever you place/offset the asset inside the BP will be relative to the BPs pivots not the asset. If you want to adjust it’s pivot or snap you’ll probably run into similar issues and time consumption though.

thanks Tim, ill figure something out.