Snapping props?

Stupid question. I’m working on a modular model (house) and have a question regarding the interior models. When I’m modeling the furniture such as the kitchen cupboards and other models that sit against the vertical walls should they snap to the walls, or do I freely move them against the walls manually without snap on? I use Maya for the modeling. The interior and furniture models I know snap to the floor, but the vertical walls are what I’m asking. Should the models snap against the vertical walls like with models that snap to the floor? If the need to be able to snap to the exact location on the walls, how do I even model that?

Are you asking how to design the interface of your Archviz simulation? That would really be up to you.

How did you do the snap to floor, with a line trace? You could use the same method to snap to the wall, but only when you’re near.

Or are you asking about snapping in the editor?

Sorry, it’t not quite clear.

I’m asking about models (Maya), nothing to do with Archviz. I’m wondering if or how they need to be snapped to the vertical walls. A kitchen cupboard for instance. Once modeled in Maya is it supposed to snap to the location on the vertical wall of the kitchen or do I line it up manually?

Sorry, know nothing about Maya…