Snapping modular pieces to each other?

I think I may be missing something obvious…

Once I have a repeating modular mesh in place, I can easily copy/paste it and snap it over a specific distance - creating a seamless placement between the two.

However, once I drag in a new mesh (let’s say a window that fits into the modular wall), I’m not sure how to get it to snap into position relative to the already-placed pieces. Because once I drag it into the scene, it has a ‘new’ grid, so the snaps don’t correspond to the correct positioning. I have to do it manually, and it never lines up quite right (and wastes time).

Have I managed to articulate this correctly? I know it must be simple, but can’t figure it out.

You should be using the 10cm (UU) grid in UE4, and your modular assets should adhere to that standard. I’ve noticed sometimes that when I drag an asset into the perspective viewport from the content browser, the pivot point is sometimes shifted, but deselecting and reselecting the mesh fixes it and everything works properly.

There is also the option for Vertex Snapping that works quite well too. You can enable vertex snapping via the settings button in the toolbar towards the bottom of the list. This is quite effective for those who do not want to have their meshes fit the 10cm or any other grid for that matter snapping.

Thanks guys - I had world/local coordinates toggled wrong, so things weren’t sinking.

Also, happy to learn about vertex snapping!