Snap UE4 Pivot To Mesh Vertex?

Is it possible to snap the UE4 pivot to a vertex of a mesh? In Maya LT I snap my pivot point to one of the mesh vertex but when I export the UE4 pivot point still remains in the center of the mesh so vertex snapping in UE4 is useless :frowning:

Alt + V doesn’t work for me, it moves the pivot point but it moves it really far away. When I press and hold V and move the mesh I can see the vertices of my mesh. When I press and hold Alt + V and middle click to snap the pivot to a vertex I can’t see the vertices of the mesh and the pivot point is then positioned to far away from the model.

When you export your mesh from Maya make sure that the pivot of the mesh is at the World Origin. UE4 will look at the World Origin of the FBX that was exported and not the pivots that were placed in Maya/Max or any other modeling software.


Cheers Tim, this worked for me. I moved my pivot in Maya then zeroed out my object and exported. Vertex snapping works a charm now :smiley:

really need vertex snapping , it’s useful to position objects precisely.
Rama’s Vertex Snap Editor Plugin is very useful, but has some limitation…

Just hold V when moving your objects that will activate vertex snapping.

Thanks, but the original Vertex Snap is less than Rama’s Rama’s Vertex Snap Editor Plugin does… even less than unity3d does.