Snap to Point

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Short question:
Is there no such feature as snap to point? I am currently working on an ArchViz Project and would like to simply snap a couple of windows to the holes in the wall where they belong… but every snapping option I find is numerical and not to points… and the surface snapping option is a mystery to me…
Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong or is there no such tool?

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JayCox ///on3studio


In UE4 you can do snapping to vertex.
Press “V” to activate temporary vertex snapping. Or Setting->Enable Vertex Snapping for permanent.

But 4.7 and 4.8 have little differences for translating pivot.

For 4.7.
Move pivot - position mouse cursor over white ball in widget of transform and with middle mouse button move the pivot.
For snap first object to second - with MMB and “V” key, snap pivot to needed vertex. Do not unselect, because pivot transform will be reset. With LMB+V, snap first object to second.
Work only inPerspective view.

For 4.8.
The pivot can now be positioned in both perspective and orthographic viewports
Dragging the translation widget with Alt+MMB will move the pivot location in any viewport mode.
But, i think it is a bug, temporary snapping for pivot not work. And you need activate Enable Vertex Snapping in Setting.
For object snapping temporary mode works normally.

YES! Thank you :slight_smile: I don’t even need the Pivot movement but thanks again! V ! like Maya I remember :smiley: Thanks and have a great day!