Snap to next "cut"

Hi everybody,

I still feel a bit new to sequencer and unreal.
I’m trying to make an animatic/storyboard in unreal.
I’ve created a lot of scenes and shots. But the thing I lose the most time with is the snapping: there are lots of snapping possibilities in sequencer, but it seems sequencer is not able to jump to the next “cut” of between shots? Or am I missing something obvious?

Thank you,

your camera cut tracks may not be pointing to a specific camera in the sequencer, might have to make sure things are set up properly

Hi, thanks for your reply! Each shot has it’s own camera, and it’s own cut track. All these shots I add into a scene, and these scenes I add into a master sequence. I can snap to the end or beginning of another shot while enlarging or make a shot smaller. But I’m looking for the possibility to have my cursor snapped to the beginning or end of a shot?

There are default hotkeys to Set Selection Range to next/Previous Shot with **PgUp/PgDown **which are, in fact, doesn`t work for me on Shots track nor on CameraCuts…

Try the next/previous key/section hotkeys which are comma and period: , and . If you have no tracks selected, it will snap to the next/previous key/section from the current time. If you have a track selected, it’ll snap to the next/previous key/section on that selected track. So you could select the shot track and use those hotkeys.

Aaaah yes. Thank you Max.Chen :slight_smile:
I was able to make a setting in the keyboard shortcuts for that.

Thank you!