Snap spline to landscape surface


While deforming the landscape to match the spline is helpful at times, most often we don’t want to deform the landscape just to make a road snap to landscape perfectly.
If we could make the landscape splines follow the shape of terrain that’d be great!

Yes, this would be helpful and a time saver.

i am learning landscape, landscape material, and spline tool, i was wondering if there is somewhere an option to make my landscape spline (road, river) that can snap to terrain ? (and not the inverse, i dont want my terrain to snap to my spline)

I tried this a few days ago with LineTraces. In the construction script I perfomed a Linetrace from each point of the spline and then set the Position of the Point equal to traceHit. But unfortunatly there is a Bug disabling SplinePoints to be moved. Once Epic fixes this Bug my Solution will work.

Destroy the first spline and re-create it on the snap.

Not efficient, but it would work right today.

it’s old but i agree. would also love to the this.

Going to +1 this, especially since in 4.23 the new Non-Destructive Landscape Layer and Spline feature is in place. Being able to have landscape spline layer automatically adjust its control points, similar to the way foliage does, would be very useful.

For example, selecting a Landscape Spline control point and pressing END could cause the control point to snap to the non-destructive landscape layer below it.

Is there any update on this? I think its a hugely important feature