Snap Point Flags?

Okay so last couple of days i have been messing around wth the Snap Points of things, Now although i have managed to completely replace the snap points theres a small issue and that is you need to spend way to long guessing what is what, Would be nice to have a small table showing what each Snap Point Flag refers to what items.

Agreed, although if you are clever, you can look at different tiles and make a list for yourself. I believe 64 is ramps, and 2 is foundation I think? or was it wall. Anyway, I was messing around with them and the tiles have the flags set on them so you can at least make a little list for yourself.
It would be nice to see this exposed as an enumeration with selectable values, make the editor a bit easier to use at a glance, but I have some bigger beefs first :slight_smile:

I started making a list for myself Foundation i got 2 for tho some off the cords for the snap point arnt changing at all, Just a quick brief rundown would be good im still slightly confused with the group flag part tho?

I agree, I’ve played around a lot with snap points and I’m still mostly confused to what everything does, where the reference points are, angle of player, etc.

Hopeful someone who knows this stuff well will see this and do a tutorial for us. :slight_smile:

Yea snap points are probably the most loathsome part of making structures for me I’d say.

Also MechanizedIT you need to fire the guy that made your cheat commands as he did them very very wrong =p They only work single player with a single mod, or servers with a single mod.

lol, well it was a subscriber who posted them in the comments, I was clueless about the cheatcodes and what differences there were for multiple mods, and SP vs MP. I’ve only played the game about 3 weeks, and have never used cheats until I started modding and needing to.

So what is the correct way?

I’ve posted how on your mod, but the correct way

cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/ <FileName.Umap> / <PathToItem> / <ItemName.uasset>.<ItemName.uasset>” 1 0 false

cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/Roof/PrimalItemStructure_SlopedWoodWallRight.PrimalItemStructure_SlopedWoodWallRight” 1 1 false

Otherwise it spawns a non mod linked object that is partially real, that doesn’t actually match up to the consume item on place part, and allows placement but can’t find the right item to consume to place.

Honestly would be a hell of alot better if we could Add Sap point entries to ojects then Link them like :

Wall Snap point 3 link to Ceiling Snap point 1 or 3 ect.