Snap Object to Floor(Using End Key) Question


So I was just playing around getting my feet wet in UE4, and I noticed something i’m unsure is either a bug or just something I’m not understanding regarding the engine itself. Look at the reference pictures(click to enlarge):

A mesh drag and dropped onto a plane, automatically placed onto the floor by the engine.

The same mesh dragged up the Z axis, and then “snapped to the floor” using the Z-Key(note the Z transform)

Why is it snapping it, while virtually to the same location, with an arbitrary addition of height into the Z-Axis? I tested this multiple times and got differing results in where it was placed. While aesthetically in this simple scene it makes no difference, it made me wonder would it throw off placement in a more complex scene. Is there a fundamental difference in how Unreal detects the “floor” when you are dragging and dropping a mesh into the scene vs when you use the End Key to drop something from the “air”?

(I realize the difference is extremely small and there is a complete simple workaround of evening the number myself, Im really just trying to learn as much of the ins and outs of the engine as possible and this caught my attention)

When draging and dropping it uses the pivot point for alignment but when snapping to the floor it moves it down until the collision hits something.

Year i trying to snap directional lighting to grid i thought that would be F key i tried that nothing happens, using my HELIOS 500 gaming laptop, but i descovered, with using the right built in mouse button there is something called snap object to view and another one snap view to object, if that is right, i love the content package, thank you Epic i appreciate that since paypal refused my marketplace asset i wanted then i purchase a driver update after that worked, then i was thinking is it possible to go to Unity asset store purchase some free ones then importing from unity store into UE4. Also i did give right mouse button held it down scoll down to snap then i tried to move around then the grid map flew away very fast i could see it move away it was too quick then it was pitch black could not find it i looked every where for it, now i have to be a pain in the ars to paypal, also if i try to not use paypal and enter that debit card number without logging into paypal, and just do credit because i enter that debit card number in paypal it will still go through Paypal.