Snap-In Smart Select Box

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The Snap-In Smart Select Box (SISSB) system was written to be dynamic and non-intrusive to existing projects. You can truly “snap it in” to any project and have an instant usable smart select box with various behavior settings. Select box AND single click to select is fully supported. Simply add the SISSB ChildActor to your players mesh or camera. Then add the “SISSB Selectable” to any actor you want to be selectable and you’re done. Can be added or removed with a few clicks. See the screenshots/videos for more info.

All settings and customization can be done from the mentioned child actor’s defaults without ever touching the back-end code at all. This system goes to great lengths to be as dynamic as possible allowing beginners and advanced users to use it. All UI, behavior and unit-type parameters are managed in three easily understandable data tables which can be imported from and backed up to excel! Easily add common actions, like “attack” or “patrol” etc… by just updating the data table and adding the action to the included interface! Quick “right-click” assignments are built-in as well and many examples provided in the demo to get you started.

An example project which is built off the TPS template is provided to show the various functionalities and basic “how-to” integration. This is NOT intended to be an RTS template. This is meant to be a very smart and customizable 2d->3d interact-able select box giving control of world units to the player and as such it’s easily the main component of an RTS.

Only the Select box portion of the project is ‘officially’ supported (everything inside the SI_SmartSelBox folder).


  • Select box and single click supported
  • Manage all actions, units, UI data in an excel sheet/data table
  • Easy, non-intrusive implementation
  • Replicated (inc dedicated server support)
  • UMG and BP (inc’d psd files)
  • Auto populating UI !! Actions from selected units populate on the fly and real-time selected numbers and types popluate on the fly
  • Built-in support for "multiple select type toggling. Select only the units you want in a crowd!
  • Included interface, examples and easily expandable actions for any unit types
  • Fine tune selections by deselecting single units when clicking their customizable icons
  • Add new Selectable unit types by updating a list
  • Add actions by updating the list and adding to the included interface

**Total BP: **7

Main Widgets: 1

Supporting Widgets: 6

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This is now released.


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