Snap-In Inventory System (Battle Royale style)

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This system was written to be dynamic and non-intrusive to existing projects. You can truly “snap it in” to any project and get going with a “Battle Royale” inspired inventory system. Simply add the “Snap-In item blueprint” to your items, as a child actor and add the “Snap-In Inventory blueprint” to your player’s character mesh and you have the basic working system, inputs and all!

Just as easy to remove or re-add.

The major functions for attaching and dropping items are all built in and can easily be used in your project as is, or simply connect them to your existing character functions. See the screenshots for more info.
All settings and customization can be done from the mentioned child actor’s defaults without ever touching the back-end code at all. This system goes to great lengths to be as dynamic as possible allowing beginners and advanced users to use it without having to edit the back-end.
An example project which is built off the TPS template is provided to show the various functionalities and basic “how-to” integration.

Only the inventory portion of the project is ‘officially’ supported (everything inside the SI_Inventory folder), but I’m happy to help with integrations in and around it when possible.


  • Full containers support!
  • Manage all items in an excel sheet/data table
  • Easy, non-intrusive implementation
  • Replicated (inc dedicated server support)
  • UMG and BP (inc psd files)
  • Weapon/item attachments (extMag, suppressor…etc)
  • “split consumable system”. i.e. Drop ten 5.56 ammo for a buddy
  • Toggle Weight System
  • Weight expansion items. Like backpacks, vest…etc.
  • Quick-slot system
  • Sample project with shooting, ammo depletion, attachments
  • Drag/drop and double click support
  • Input and UI built-in

Add custom/additional:

  • “attach-to” sockets by updating a list
  • Item attachments
  • Inventory equip and quick slots
  • Hover-over tool-tips (dynamically added and customizable PER item)
  • Single items, wearables, consumables; like ammo, health and more

Main BP: 2

Main Widgets: 2

Main Blueprints: 2
**Config: **All config done in the default variables of the two blueprints
Main Widgets: 2

How to update:

Check the version file in the root folder of the MP project for how to update your project to the latest.

Video series:

Preview Video

Instructional Video](Latest_01_SI Inventory Instructional-0.0.7+ - YouTube)

**Support and Update details: **Discord](Thanks Tips!)

Hey all, just wanted to update this as the system is now released. I’ve put up all new videos showing how it works and how to configure certain things.

Marketplace Link

**Submitted Pending Epic - **Updated the system with some extra features (listed in discord). As well as an updated 4.19 version

As requested from a purchaser I’ve added a new video on integrating this system with the MP item WeaponComponent system (not affiliated)
Video available here

Just released a big update for this system that went live today. All of the details around the changes are listed in the Discord channel.

It now supports using a datatable for all items so they can be easily managed, imported and exported with excel. The system also fully supports (optional) containers(by request) which can be any item you assign the container flag too. See the video for details on how this looks.

Two new videos posted to reflect the changes.

Features Overview Video

Instructional Video

A new playable demo is posted if you want to try the system out yourself.
Playable Demo

Latest version of Inventory Submitted. Details of changes in Discord.

Also by request, an updated video for Integrating the latest Snap-In Inventory with the WeaponComponent has been posted here:

Most Snap-In assets are on sale now!](Content by Thanks+Tips!) - UE Marketplace