Snap-In Gun Weapon System

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The **Snap-In Gun Weapon System **was written to be as easy to understand and integrate as possible.

All settings can be tweaked from the Gun datatable without touching the code. Everything is replicated out of the box. With this system you can snap it into your guns and have fully customizable projectiles. Bullets, rockets etc… whatever you want. All aspects are right there for you… speed, gravity and much much more. There is built in reload functionality as well as damage to players and objects by bone. You can easily add effects and surface/impact types just by updating the datatable per bullet/gun type.

See the screenshots for available configuration and see the highlight video below for how it looks in a demo.

An example project which is built off the TPS template is provided to show the various functionalities. Only the GWS portion of the project is ‘officially’ supported (everything inside the SI_GWS folder). This comes with a working character and basic pick up/equip functionality for testing purposes. The demo **pickup/equip **stuff is **not meant to be production ready, the Snap-In Inventory]( is recommended for this functionality. **The gun and shooting stuff is production-ready!

**Note: **Best results are plugging this system into an existing character and existing equipment/gun system.


  • Fully functional projectile OR trace shooting system
  • Manage and tweak all gun and projectile settings in a single data table (speed, range, size, collision, gravity, color, mesh, ricochet, surface penetration and more and more and more!)
  • Easy implementation: migrate SI_GWS project over to yours. Add the GWS_Gun actor to your Gun mesh and GWS_Health actor to your existing character mesh!
  • Create, edit, add any and as many different surface impact types as you want from the datatable. Wood, metal, drywall whatever…
  • Add damage per gun/bullet type with penetration reduction per bone or bone tree hit, from the datatable!
  • Bouncy projectiles included like Grenade launchers and configurable explosives
  • All replicated
  • VR supported - Add to guns the same way and put a tick mark in the “VR” option in the datatable (requires adding additional inputs for L/R firing and reloading)
  • Comes with Snap-In Handy Macros v0.0.3 (will not receive subsequent updates here)

Highlight Video](Snap-In Gun Weapon System - Highlights - YouTube)


Instructional Video
Discord](** -best place for support!**

This is now released on the marketplace!