Snap Fire blueprint component (Mark and Execute)

yo unreal community, i have decided to start sharing the little learning projects i work on instead of stuffing them away on a hard drive.

This is snap fire, its a custom blueprint component that can be easily configured to work with most projects (mainly fps as that’s what i made it for). It’s based ont he mark and execute system from splinter cell conviction (look at targets, click to lockon, then execute them rapidly automatically)
(note: this gif is old, the new version has slowmo and no longer fires the shots so as to cut out one of the cast for easier configuration)
(does not include those fancy proto characters either, but you can find them on the market :P)


  • Easy to configure, fully commented (mainly because i kept breaking things)
  • Minimum use of casts so as to be easily adaptable (only 1)
  • A look into the workings of my mind at 4 A.M.

how to setup if your using the first person template:

  1. unzip the assets into your projects content directory
  2. open your project and navigate to the custom component in-editor and compile it.
  3. go to your character blueprint and add the component to your character (click add component -> scroll to SnapFireCompFP_Trace -> click it to add it)
  4. bind keys for the following controls: prev target, next target, mark target, start/end mark mode. (only need 1 key for the mark mode binds)

  1. configure the variables to what you need them to be (they are all commented for ease)
  2. if you want to mess with what happens to marked targets just go into the execute function and instead of destroying the actor add your own outcome

if your not using the first person template:

you need to go into the components blueprint, and inside the execute function there is a cast you need to change to your character and make sure it gets your camera as well. if you cant figure it out msg me and ill help ya.


note: my skills with programming and blueprints is minimal (5 months so far)(have been mainly trying to learn c++) so please if you spot weird areas in it, let me know feedback really helps me improve and learn from mistakes.vel

Hey thank you very much for sharing! you did a great job!
I’ll test it out myself later, but it looks like really good :slight_smile:

Hey, I know this is SUUUPER old, but is there any chance I could have a look at this if you still have it? I have been trying something similar. Thanks!