Snap custom umg tooltip widget

The aim is to create an item details widget similar in behavior to the Diablo inventory item details.

In UMG a custom tool-tip widget can be added to any widget by binding a function, that creates the tool-tip widget, to the “Tool Tip Widget” field in the advanced “Behavior” area.

I want to customize even more. I want to have a small delay before the tool-tip appears and to snap it around the hovered widget (tool-tip should not follow mouse).

Maybe I am barking at the wrong tree and should not use the Tool-tip widget at all. I cannot think how I could insert a widget into the hierarchy of widgets without messing up the layout.

Any suggestion is welcomed!

Hey bro, if you wanna customise the ToolTip you need to make a widget blueprint.
then u can bind it to tooltip widget :slight_smile:
hope that helps thx