snap back at end of animation issue for a rolling animation

I read the root motion docs which talks about the player jumping out of the capsule causing it to go through objects , then snap back at the end. I have this exact problem. I enabled root motion , then in anim bp set to the different settings. Setting it to root motion for everything just makes him roll in place , any of the other settings he keeps snapping back. Is there any other way to solve this issue? As doing all the things in the root motion docs does not work.This driving me nuts.

When the capsule is set to visible , you can see the character jump right out if it when the animation plays. Then snap back. I noticed that in the anim bp if I set it to " root motion from everything" , then in pie , he rolls in place , no matter whether “enable root motion " is checked or not in the animation. Just like if I set anim bp to " from montages only” then he rolls forward and out of the stationary capsule , whether " enable root motion " is checked or not in the animation.

Is this a bug that I can report?

Check that the Animation was created with root motion. When playing it in the preview, in Asset Details, check EnableRootMotion. Then in the Preview Window, under Show…Character…Animation enable Process Root Motion.

You should see the character move without popping.

Try this first and post back here…

yea it has root motion , when process root motion is shown , he keeps rolling along the floor until he rolls off the edge. Without root motion enabled , in pie he rolls right out of the capsule and snaps back. with root motion enabled , in pie , he just rolls in place. I have enabled root motion in animation and "root motion from everything " in anim bp. So I don’t get it. I see a lot of the moving animations where not only the capsule moves with him , but say if he crouches , the capsule will also shrink down to his crouch. Even this roll animation , when working properly in another project, the capsule shrinks down with him when he rolls. Is there some kind of separate logic needed to get the capsule to do this? Trying to use the roll as a dodge dont even do any good in place if the capsule don’t shrink down with him.Thanks

In animbp there are 2 places to “enable root motion from everthing”. Preview tab and defaults tab.

did u do both

yep did both.

same issue