"Snap" actor to animation point

How setting an actor location to the exact point of an animation is done? Things like, a character opening a storage chest, the player backstabbing an enemy, opening a door, etc. In all these cases there is one or more actors that are performing an specific animation, and for it to make sense and look the most visually accurate as possible one or more of the actors needs to be on an specific location in relation to the other, and some times it will need to be snapped to this location. What is the best way to make this happen? Is using sockets any useful for this?

Also, this is not very much about unreal, or scripting, but any tips on animating two different meshes that have “interlacing” animations, like a character mesh, and a gun mesh, that have an reloading animation, and both need to look in sync?

hi Moghura… I think the best way to handle this is world transform timeline LERP (more control) or INTERP (less control but… maybe… more flexible). Basically, for both, you’d feed in the player pawn current location and rotation (i.e. transform) and target which you’d like to move the player to… LERP and INTERP will allow you to the speed and curve of the transform interpolation between current and target.

I’m not really so well up regarding animation, but I think using a LERP in the main actor (like player) and picking up the timing in the secondary actor by getting a reference to the timeline alpha variable… in this way the animations between the actors would synchronise…I’d use a timeline LERP instead of mathematical INTERP in this case because the timing is exact.

Thank you for replying, I will try that and come back with the results, ASAP