Snap Actor Rotation to Wall Hang?

Hey all, I have a problem with a wall climb system im following, I can climb, move etc but when the character jumps onto the wall he stays at whatever angle I am facing the wall at.

My question is how would I go about snapping him to the face of the wall so that he can only move along the wall without coming off it or going through it. - This is what it is now - Thats what I want it to be all the time

Do you have some of your code were the character grabs the wall? You will probably need to create a rotation based on the players forward vector and the walls vector (that faces out towards the player).

I’m not sure what axis your player is on, but I assume creating a look at rotation and setting your player Z (Yaw) rotation to that should help.

Thanks for the quick reply, here are some screenshots of the code -

These should be the main parts of the code that make the character hang