Snap a cube to center of another

I am trying to get a cube to snap to the center location of another cube that is part of a Heretical Static Mesh Component but cant figure out how to get it to snap correctly, It snaps to two sides of the cubs depending on which way you are looking. All my cube locations are in units of 100. My current snapping blueprint is as followed.

The impact point is in world space, so it doesn’t make much sense to divide it by 100. All in all I think maybe that break vector → … → make vector stuff just introduces a slight error.

What are you experiencing? Are the cubes connecting? Are they WAY off? A quick vid would help.

Are you using the default cube, which has the pivot point in the center?

I think you need to do some sort of root component - 50 calculation if you’re using the default cube ( offset of 50 is where the center is ).

Sorry about all the questions… :slight_smile: