Snacko - farming sim with cats!

Spent all day blocking out the mailbox UI ToT
It’s all in parts and ready to receive code!

Small update! We’re working on the crafting and cooking systems. Unfortunately, it seems like there’s not a lot of customization options for scroll bars (sizes, etc) out of the box, so for now, the border bars at the ends will make do.

We’ve been reworking our building system! It used to be tiles, just like the farm, but it made less sense to limit players to a grid. Now, instead of creating actual tiles, it uses a world-aligned grid if you choose to snap to a grid, or a “free build” mode where you can move it wherever you’d like! Needs a lot of SFX/VFX/UI touch-ups, but the proof of concept is finally done! :slight_smile:

We’re happy to announce that we’re starting a new chapter in both Snacko’s development and our personal lives! This weekend, we’ll be starting the process of moving from Florida in the US to Vancouver, Canada. Once our larger furniture and the bulk of our belongings arrive in Vancouver, we’ll be officially…

working on Snacko full-time!

This is a very big, scary, but exciting change for us. We decided to take a little risk and work on Snacko full-time for as long as we (financially) can. Snacko is something we both believe in, and have poured a lot of our love into – we feel like taking the dive and giving it a chance is something the game deserves.

Very exciting and great news for the game! It means it will be released sooner :slight_smile:

Thank you! It is exciting. Hoping now that development can go much faster

We got the minimap working last week!

I love it!

The world reminds me alot of the map “flaris” from an old mmo called flyff.

Ohh! I loved playing that when MMOs were still the thing. And thanks (:

Lots of UI work this past month! Really fun working with the letter system where what the player types in the free text box will be sent off to be scored and a suitable reply will be sent to the player’s mailbox the next morning.

Here’s just a quick GIF showing how you can swap out the stationery

This is really neat. Love the style. Have fun in vancouver.

Wow, it’s been…3 years since I last updated this! It’s been so long the forums don’t even look the same!

Since our last post that we started doing it full-time, a lot of things have happened…

  1. We signed with a publisher, Armor Games Studios
  2. We overhauled the visuals to make it brighter and chunkier!
  3. The game is now officially coming to both PC and Switch…so eggciting

We’ve certainly learned a lot over the past couple of years. Paper2D has had some weird bugs here and there that won’t be fixed, but we’ve found a workaround for everything. There’s always fun challenges, like figuring out how to make our dyes system look less grey and crummy:

Left: multiply / Right: modified linear burn

And also dynamic particle colors for impact on different surfaces using Cascade! That one required some weird spaghetti-ing due to my own oversight using two different system in different maps.

For the town and farm, I’m using a global Material Parameter Collection to make it cheap to update all the terrain, etc. when seasons change. But in special biome maps, that doesn’t exist, so we’re using regular ol’ physical materials to dictate the color changes.

It’s been lots of fun problem solving and refining the art style for the game!