Smulating many AI's


I am a fan of larger simulation games, which made me wonder: Is UE4 able to process a very large amount of AI’s doing simple things at once?

Like in Simcity, each person moving about in the city has a name, purpose etc, in cities with 200K + residents.
Or in Rollercoaster where a 1000+ guests also has their own agenda.

How does UE4 handle these amounts of AI’s at once, or is there a smarter simpler way to handle these basic AI’s that in essence is simply just moving from one location to another?

Probably not a very helpful answer, but I seem to recall that UDK*(“UE 3.5”)* had some sort of system for dealing with large crowds of AI, I think it was some offspring of what Gears of War used for background AI. I’m not sure if UE4 has a similar system, but might be worth looking up maybe?