Smoothly change cam when go inside house!

Im making 3rd person game.
How can i create blueprint that change my camera near my character when go inside the house?
Using collision box with overlap or something? Plz help

you would either add a camera localoffset, or you would have a second camera.
the localoffset would provide the smoothest transition, as toggling between two cameras would result in a sharp cut between the locations.

How can i create one, im new at this :o

This is the node that you will use to add the offset. “AddActorLocalOffset”

you will need some nodes setup to Lerp between the default position, and the offset position.
EG, while in the bounding box you setup, lerp the camera towards the offset position. then when the player is no longer in the bounding box, lerp it back to it’s original position.

Splines are really easy for changing these positions quickly., and all you need to to is base the camera position on a position along the spline. and now i’ve made it sound incredibly complex :stuck_out_tongue: