Smoothing turns of AI with target points (beyond Rotation Rate and Orient Rotation to Movement)

Hey guys - I have a character that uses target points and Simple Move To nodes to travel along the path. I’ve adjusted the rotation rate and checked orient rotation to movement and for the most part it turns pretty smoothly. However when it stops at one target point for a rest and then begins moving to the next, unless the target point is directly in front of it it does this quick snap turn to face the next target, seemingly ignoring the rotation rate. I’ve searched for days and cannot find any info beyond adjusting rotation rate and orient rotation to movement, but I know there must be some way to fix these snap turns between target points. It’s also a ‘vehicle’ for the player in VR so the quick turns totally blow the smoothness of the experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Watch this tutorial by Miroslav Filipovic:
See if it gives you any ideas.

That’s really awesome. This definitely gives me some inspiration. Thanks, Quaternion!

Credit to Miroslav Filipovic. The key to smoothing out the rotation seems to be constantly aiming at a point on the spline that is actually a few meters beyond the nearest point to the actor.