Smoothing Mocap Data

I’ve been testing Live Link & Take Recorder and I wonder is there any built-in method to do some basic cleanup of raw mocap data? I’m not talking about a detailed fine-tuning but just some basic algorithm to smooth/stabilize the keyframes of something like a virtual camera after the take.

seconded. very jittery results especially with eyes and head rotation. help!

Yes, just some tool to make the data usable by reducing the jitter/noise from the a motion curve. Nothing sophisticated, just a basic smoothing to remove the “outliers". I think the main purpose of capturing motion is to make the motion look organic.

Try the dynamic weighted moving average node

I saw that node during my research, but I’m not sure how would I use it within the Sequencer-keyframe pipeline. It seems designed for real-time gameplay, given it only take advantage of previous frames (instead of the entire timeline)

Do you know of any link showing a node like that used with Sequencer? Thanks!

It would be in the animation blueprint/pose animation. If you piped your sequencer animation through a control rig then that will pass it through the animation blueprint and through the WMA node.

I would love a detailed tutorial on how to do this. I researched the node and it says it can more aggressively smooth the small noise while smoothing big movements less. I really have no idea how to pipe the sequencer animation into a control rig and pass that through a blueprint.